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We support you podcast your podcast and ear money your content.


Together with podcasters we've developed a podcast hosting platform that enables you to publish your podcast Podcast on all major podcast platforms the easy way.It also enables you to analyze and edit your podcast easily..

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We got your back - right from start you'll be supported by our expert team . As well with questions regarding Monetization or hosting your podcast.

Live performances

With our event partner we give you the chance to bring your podcast on stage your .

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How can you earn money with your podcast?

We offer you different ad formats to monetize your podcast:

Audio spot: Classic commercial spot

Sponsoring: Audio-presenting with intro and outro

Native ad Advertising message that is individually customized to a brand or company. This ad is recorded by you and placed directly in your podcast.

To integrate an ad in your podcast your offersyou two different ways:

Baked In: You integrate the ad in the booked episode of your podcast.This ad can either be a spot delivered by the advertiser or an ad recorded by you.

DAI: This is the abbreviation for "Dynamic Ad Insertion". Using this integration methode, the connected Ad Server will automatically place ads in the specific episode of your podcast show . You only need to let Julep know, that you want to use DAI technology and your podcast should be verified for this integration methode. Once your podcast is verified and connected to the ad server you'll start earning money, without doing anything (even with a small download reach). Sounds good, doesn't it? Reach out to our support-team via e-mail to info@julep.de or connect your partnermanager and we'll take care of the rest.

You’re not sure, whether your podcast is suitable Monetization ? Check this out. We’ve defined a few criterias based on our experience, that show, that your podcast has good chances to be attractive to cool advertisers.

These podcasters are already working with us:

3 steps to earn money with your podcast

Create your account on the Julep platform

Register for free at the Julep marketplace. That's the first step to monetizing your podcast. The registration is absolutely non binding. If, which and how much ads should be placed in your podcast is up to you.

Upload your podcast

Fill your new Julep account. Upload your podcast cover , current download numbers and tell us your RSS-Feed and podhoster.

This information helps us categorize your podcast and verify it.

We're verifying your podcast

We check, that the podcast belongs to you and verify it afterwardsIf there is any info missing to verify your podcast, we'll reach out to you. In a detailed onboarding meeting we'll explain everything around your monetization possibilities and our booking processes to you.

Let the fun begin: Your podcast is now part of the Julep monetization-portfolio and we'll begin to look for interesting advertisers that fit to you and your podcast. Let’s start the cash-machine 😎

You’re the boss

We won’t tell you what to do, but only suggest. You keep doing what you do best: Creating a great podcast. Leave the rest up to us. We’ll look for a company or a brand, that wants to place ads in your podcast and fits to your content. One thing is for sure: You’re the boss! It’s always your decision which commercials you want to integrate in your podcast and how often you’d like to do so.

Good content should be paid for

When a podcast is started, at one point you ask yourself: How can I earn money with my podcast? Can I monetize it? That's where we come in. We offer podcasters a forum to display their content and support them to monetize it the best way with advertisers, that fit to the podcast.

Not sure, if your podcast is ready or suitable for monetization? Then check out these defined criterias.

This way to the monetization criterias >>

Your way to fun, facts and figures

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Thanks to our huge network of advertisers of different branches and sizes, we're able to support you the best way , to earn money with your podcast with brands and companies that fit to your podcast.

Our expert team is ready and waiting for you.

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Why you should monetize your podcast with Julep?

With us you get everything around your podcast out of a single source.

A broad benefit-package awaits you, that supports you monetizing your podcast your create and increase your reach.If you like we'll also help you producing your content and offer discounted prices for your equipment.

Furthermore we provide you with hosting services, webinars and editorial and technical support for your podcast (Creation, cutting, mastering etc.). We'll take care of the distribution on all major platforms and support you with the analysis and increasing your download reach of your podcast, e.g. through connecting you with other podcasters.

You wan to perform your podcast live on stage in front of your fans? Well then Julep is your right partner. With our event partner we support you make this dream come true .


Together we'll make your podcast hearable, measurable and even more successful.