The step-by-step guide to your successful podcast campaign

The 8 steps to success

1. Define your budget

Before starting your podcast marketing campaign, you define how much money you want to invest. The budget of your campaigns decides how many listeners are going to hear your podcast ad. On average it costs 80-120€ to reach an audience of 1.000. That means 1.000 people will hear your ad.

Here's a little guidance for budgeting your podcast campaign:

Reach 10.000 listeners = € 800 (€ 80 CPM) € 1.000 (€ 100 CPM) € 1.200 (€ 120 CPM)

Reach 50.000 listeners = € 4.000 (€ 80 CPM) € 5.000 (€ 100 CPM) € 6.000 (€ 120 CPM)

Reach 100.000 listeners = € 8.000 (€ 80 CPM) € 10.000 (€ 100 CPM) € 12.000 (€ 120 CPM)

2. Choose the perfect podcast for your campaign

Wenn Sie Ihr Budget festgelegt haben, wählen Sie die passenden Podcast Shows für Ihre Kampagne aus. Folgende Methode führt unserer Meinung nach zum besten Ergebnis:

  • Podcast shows with large reach: For starting we recommend to choose 1-3 podcast shows with a large reach, that deal with a topic of your interest area. E.g. you or your customer is located in the food sector, then you should choose a podcast that thematizes something around food and culinary.
  • Your remaining budget should be invested in a bundle of smaller shows. You can test 10-20 shows, that fit your brand and message.

3. Choose the right ad format and ad placement

Now that you've defined your budget and the shows that you want to be placed in, it's time to select the right ad format and ad placement for your commercial. You can choose from the following placements: Dynamic Ad Insertion) und im Anschluss die passende Werbeposition zu definieren:

Pre-Roll = At the beginning of an episode

Mid-Roll = During an episode

Post-Roll = At the end of an episode

4. Set your goal


Direct response

You want to be able to track the results of your advertising efforts. Direct marketing makes that possible. You provide the podcaster with a promo code or unique URL that you can track from your site. This way you can track every click or order that comes through your podcast campaign.


Brand building

This variant is mainly chosen by large companies - it cannot be tracked as precisely as direct marketing. The main purpose of a brand awareness campaign is to strengthen brand awareness. Making the success of such a campaign measurable requires elaborate target group surveys and special tracking methods.

5. Setting up promo codes to measure your ROI

Most customers start with a direct response podcast campaign to be able to track the campaigns performance quite precisely. The easiest way to do so, is to create a promo code, give that to the host of a podcast or name it in your pre produced audio spot. If you have more than one campaign running at the same time, we recommend using unique promo codes for each campaign.


Promo code example:

Podcast: Cooking with Julia

Promo code: Cooking

Optional unique URL:

Text on your order page: Redeem your promo code "Cooking" at the check out and receive free shipping on your first order.


Now you've defined a promo code and an unique URL. Therefore you're able to track the performance of your podcast campaign.

6. Create a briefing for your podcast campaign

A podcast ad is often spoken by a host while recording the episode. To get the ad you want it is important to let the host know what the key message is and what your expectations are. You can name certain features, that should be part of the ad, promo codes, services, guarantees or whatever you like. If you want to you can also write down a full script that should be read by the podcast host. You can communicate with the podcaster through our chat system or we'll take care of that for you.

If you prefer, you can also deliver a pre produced spot, that already consists all information that you want to be placed in your ad.


Guidance for your briefing scope:

30-second ad = 70 words

60-second ad = 140 words


Which ad format you choose is completely up to you.

7. Re-book shows that were most successful

About 30 days after your campaign started, it's time to have a look at the performance.

You have questions regarding your next campaign or want support with the evaluation of your campaign? Let us know. We're happy to help Wir helfen Ihnen gerne bei Ihrer nächsten Buchung.

8. Test new podcast shows

While booking campaigns with large podcasts, it's always a good idea to have a test-budget in place, that can be used to test new shows. A new target group may be hidden there.

We hope our step-by-step guide helps you creating your successful podcast campaign. And always keep in mind: our experts are here for you and always happy to help and support.


We're looking forward to hear from you!