Can my podcast be monetized?

Can my podcast be monetized?

We're happy to you found us and that you're interested in monetizing your podcast.

To set the right expectations and have the perfect prerequisites, we've defined a few criteria based on our experiences, that show whether a podcast is (already) suitable for monetization and great campaigns with interesting advertising partners.


Read through those criteria and ask yourself "Does this apply to my podcast?". If your answer is "Yes!" at least twice, then register your podcast on our monetization platform. Because that means that your podcast has very good chances to be matched with awesome advertisers. here auf unserer Vermarktungs Plattform an und lass uns gemeinsam spannende Kampagnen auf die Beine stellen.


If anything is not clear or questions come up, reach out to us.

Does this apply to my podcast?

Reach: Du erreichst mit Deinem Podcast mindestens 10.000 Streams pro Episode nach vier Wochen? Das ist super, so stehen Aufwand und Ertrag für Werbeeinbindungen in guter Relation zueinander. Dein Podcast ist kleiner, erreicht aber mindestens 2.000 Streams auf eine Episode nach vier Wochen? Dann ist der nächste Punkt vielleicht was für Dich!


Topic : You're talking about sustainability, business, economics, empowerment, fitness or family in your podcast? Nice! These topics are already interesting for ad cooperations with lower download reaches.


Social media reach & community: You're already known on instagram, twitch, YouTube or TikTok? Got a strong community? That's a thing, that also our advertising partners appreciate and therefore this increases your chances of cool podcast ad campaigns.


Product matching: You're interested in areas such as insurances, fitness-food, drinks, supplements? And you're also up for thematizing these topics in your podcast? Ideally this would even match with the plot of your podcast? Super, because these topics are often requested. Promo codes incoming!


Existing advertising partners or requests: You've already been contacted to cooperate with an advertiser or you may have already done a marketing cooperation? Perfect base. Let us continue here and support you with our extensive advertising network to make your podcast even more successful.

2 or more of these criteria apply to your podcast? Perfect! Then let's get started right away and don't loose any time. Register now for free on our monetization platform und we'll start looking for interesting advertiser matches.