Money, money, money

You’re thinking about earning money with your podcast, but don’t know how? With Julep!

We help you monetizing your podcast and connect you with matching advertising partners of our portfolio.

How can you make money with your podcast?

There are different ways to earn money with your podcast. One of the most promising and lucrative ones is: Podcast advertising.

That means, you integrate ads of brands or companies in your podcast and get money for this. Hereby applies: The higher your download reach is, the more money you can get. Don’t be afraid now, that your podcast may be to small. Below you’ll learn more about our current ad formats and integration forms.

Spoiler: Even with a smaller download reach you can monetize your podcast.

Why Julep?

Cash for you

We negotiate fair deals, that make you and the advertising partner happy.

Full control

The control always belongs to you. You decide yourself wheter you want to do a marketing campaign or not and also which ads you’d like to integrate into your podcast. We only suggest partners, but don’t tell you what to do. Because it stays your podcast.

No paperwork

We’ll take care of the processing and billing for you: You’ll receive a credit note from us and don’t need to create an invoice yourself.

Advertiser network

We have an extensive network of advertisers of all branches and sizes. Pretty sure, it’ll also contain the perfect match for your podcast.

These ad formats are currently bookable

We’re continuously working on new ways to integrate ads in podcasts and further development of our ad tech stack. Currently we can offer these ad formats to you:

Audio spot: Classic commercial spot

Sponsoring: Audio-presenting with intro and outro

Native ad Advertising message that is individually customized to a brand or company. This ad is recorded by you and placed directly in your booked podcast episode.

Play out options

Baked In: You integrate the ad in the booked episode of your podcast. This ad can either be a spot delivered by the advertiser or an ad recorded by you.


DAI: This is the abbreviation of the technique “Dynamic ad insertion”. With this play-out option the connected ad server will automatically insert an ad in your podcast episode. To use this way of integration you only need to unlock the DAI function in your julep account. Want to activate DAI ads in your podcast? Reach out to our customer support team ( or to your partnermanager and we’ll take care of the rest.

One thing is for sure …

It’s your podcast and we’re here to help you monetizing it. We suggest advertising partners, that we think match your podcast, but in the end it’s always you, who decides wheter you want to do a cooperation with an advertising partner or not.