In the ears of your listeners

Your podcast should be able to be heard by as many people as possible?

Then it is essential, that you have the option to distribute your podcast to all common platforms, e.g. Spotify, Deezer or Apple Podcasts. Easy thing with Julep Hosting.

Your podcast on all important platforms

In order for your listeners and those who may become listeners to find your podcast, it is important that your podcast is placed in as many podcast directories as possible. This means that your podcast can be seen and, above all, heard on as many podcast platforms as possible.

Make it easy for your listeners to find your podcast.

At Julep Hosting you can distribute your podcast with only a few clicks to all common podcast platforms, like Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts,.


Why it is so important, that your podcast is placed in many podcast directories? Because that way listeners can find and download your podcast, wherever they are and no matter which platform they are using. Therefore our hosting platform is connected to all important platforms and allows you a super easy publishing.

Test our platform – 14 days for free

Import your podcast and test all features in “real” or just click around and get to know the Julep hosting platform – 14 days completely free. Either way you’ll find out, why we are so happy about our platform.

  • 14 days free
  • All features available
  • Personal contact
  • No automatic extension
  • No payment data needed
  • Riskfree and non-binding