Teamwork at it's best

A podcast is generally not concepted, created, published, monetized and analyzed by only person.


Therefore the Julep platform gives you the option to give specific roles to the users, to work on your podcast the most efficient way.

Rights & role management for your podcast

Most podcasts are not administrated by only one person. That's way the Julep hosting platform has a intelligent role and rights management for you. Invite team members and give them exactly the rights and possibilities that they need to do what they should be doing.


Team members usually have different roles and responsibilities within the podcast. Therefore, you can not only invite team members to edit, but also directly assign them the right role and associated rights.

Whether as owner, admin, editor, sales or observer - the different roles have different rights.


So from now on, the whole team can work together on the podcasts and everyone has exactly the opportunities he or she should have.


As the owner of the podcast account, you define who should have which role in your team. So you want team member A to be able to create a new podcast or delete a podcast? Then the ideal role is "Admin".

Rechtemanagement für deinen Podcast

Team member B should be able to edit your podcast but not delete it? No problem! Then just make him or her the "editor".


Team member C is not involved in the content of the podcast, but handles the marketing? Great, we've created a new role for that too. "Sales" enables him or her to do just that.


Good to know: The roles can be assigned on account base, so for all podcasts, that are administrated within one account, or only for specific podcasts within an account.

Start podcast hosting for free?

To give you the chance to convince yourself of our podcast hosting platform, we give you 14 days for free to test around. During this time you'll already have access to all features, including rights & role managements.


The trial period is 100% free and without any commitments for you. To start the 14 day free trial you don't need any payment data. The trial period ends automatically after 14 days, except your upgrading to a paid account during this time. So, there's nothing to loose for you.

Have fun testing our hosting platform!

  • 14 days free
  • All features available
  • Personal contact
  • No automatic extension
  • No payment data needed
  • Riskfree and non-binding