What does the Julep hosting platform offer?

A lot!

We do not only enable you to distribute your podcast with only a few clicks to all common podcast streaming platforms or edit your podcast together with your team, but also give you transparency regarding the performance of your podcast with valid and trustworthy numbers.

The easy way to start your podcast

Podcast hosting doesn’t has to be difficult. That was our focus when we were developing our podcast hosting platform. We wanted to create an easy handling platform – without missing features, accuracy and service.

Because our platform is developed for all podcasters and should be able to be used by everyone. One of the reasons, why we make all features available in all packages. So: Mission accomplished.

The Julep hosting features

Simple publishing

We offer an intuitive system that you can master quickly and without much effort. With just a few clicks you can publish your podcast, whether from desktop or mobile, immediately or scheduled for later.

Smooth change

You already have a podcast on another hosting platform and want to move to us without losing your audience? We will support you with the import, of course at no extra cost.

VIP support

Our team consist of media experts with loads of experience. They are only one e-mail away, if you have any questions or concerns. So if there is a question, that our Help-portal can’t answer to, just reach out.

Team access

If you don’t work on your podcast all by yourself, but with team members, they can also get access to your podcast with individual log-ins. That way you can edit your podcast all together.

Unlimited storage

Don’t waste your thoughts on the number of podcasts and episodes, that you’re creating: Julep Hosting parks all your audio files on a server, where they wait for you to be ready to publish them.

Your very own blog

When you decide to host your podcast on our platform, you get your own website, also called a blog. You can customize the site according to your wishes. And of course with an intuitive and user-friendly CMS.

Premium audio quality

Julep hosting optimizes the your audio files to best possible audio quality automatically before publisihing them. No matter on which device or platform someone downloads your podcast, it’ll always be great quality. Which format you’re using for your audio file doesn’t make a difference to our optimization process (MP3, AAC, Opus, Ogg Vorbis).

Dynamic Baked In

This new exclusive feature enables you to take advantage of the benefits of DAI, without the need of an AdServer. Podcasters and Advertisers are also able to terminate ad integration and let it be replaced with DAI markers automatically, if wanted.

Test our hosting platform 14 days for free

Take advantage of our 14 days free testing period and see, what we are talking about. And experience why so many podcasters are using our podcast hosting platform.

  • 14 days free
  • All features available
  • Personal contact
  • No automatic extension
  • No payment data needed
  • Riskfree and non-binding

Looking for the right music for your podcast?

Then check out our partner Audiocrowd . They have a massive music library – from house to jazz to classic and also soundeffects.

And they also offer different license packages, depending on what you need.