Get the most out of your podcast

To do so it is important to know the performance of your podcast.

Who are your listeners? On which platforms is your podcast being streamed?

Are there differences between download numbers of episodes?

All this information is provided to you on the Julep hosting platform.

All these wonderful data

The Julep hosting platform was the first podhoster worldwide that got certified with the new IAB 2.1 standard .

Also Julep hosting is the first and until now only podcast hosting platform in Germanythat is IAB certified . This certification guarantees that we measure numbers correctly and transparent and provide valid and reliable data at all times.

Who wants to create great content, needs to be able to analyze its work. Unfortunately simply publishing your podcast is not enough. Successful podcasters know their audience quite good and can convince potential adverting partners to cooperate with them by providing insights regarding their listeners. Our comprehensive analysis tool gives you an advantage over competitors, because you got all numbers prepared for you.

Podcast hosting with Julep

Easy interface

Statistics seem quite scary sometimes, but to use our reporting tool you don't need to be into tech. Easy, intuitive and everything but boring - we'll make you a numbers-lover!

Top 5 lists

Our platform brings your episodes into top lists automatically. That way you'll figure out quickly which episode of your podcast has most listeners. Maybe there is a recognizable pattern?

Automatic reportings

All your data and reportings can be exported easily. And if you like, we can also send you monthly reportings with all important KPIs into your e-mail inbox.

Downloads & streams

Julep hosting doesn't only show you the streams and downloads of an episode, but also the unique number of listeners.

Geographic traffic share

On our map you are able to see, where your podcast is being heard. So you can specialize content or contact specific advertising partners.

Apps and devices

To build a relationship with your audience, it is helpful to know which devices are used to stream your podcast. Optimize your content and make your podcast more successful.


Find out on which platform (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer etc.) your podcast performs best and adjust your marketing strategy.

Shortcut for hurried

Just checking in real quick? Sure! There's no need for you to dig into a sea of numbers to find the performance of your current episode. With only one click you'll get to an overview of the latest episodes performance including important comparative figures.

Access to all features

In all packages

With Julep hosting you'll always get full access to all features, data and possibilities - no matter which package you choose.

That means no matter which hosting package you choose, you'll have the full scope of functions of the Julep hosting platform.

We have different packages for different needs. They differ from enconding hours and downloads. Everything else is the same in all packages. Therefore every podcaster has the ideal base for a successful podcast.

Test our platform for free

To make up your own mind about our platform, we give you 14 days access for free.

During these 14 days you can see how intuitive our platform is configurated, how meaningful our analytics tools are and what else is waiting for you with Julep hosting.

If you want to, you can make an appointment with us, to get guided though the platform and learn more about the various functions. To do so please reach out to

  • 14 days free
  • All features available
  • Personal contact
  • No automatic extension
  • No payment data needed
  • Riskfree and non-binding