What you can expect from the Julep hosting platform

We offer extraordinary podcast hosting the easy way.

Simple publication of your podcast to all important streaming platforms, meaningful analytic-tools, valid numbers and so much more. All this combined in an easy to use and intuitive platform.

These features await you at the julep hosting platform

Basic features

Unlimited storage and premium audio quality. Customizable blog and allround premium support.


Your podcast on all important streaming platforms, like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Podcasts.

Analyses and stats

Extensive analytics tools with top lists, traffic share and export function. Designed intuitive for all users, not only number-crunchers.


Professional player with embed function, fully responsive to all devices and customizable to meet your expectations.

And that’s by far not all that we got …

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Looking for the right music for your podcast?

Then check out our partner Audiocrowd . They have a massive music library – from house to jazz to classic and also soundeffects.

And they also offer different license packages, depending on what you need.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of media-data, that you can subscribe to via internet. The name is an artificial word and is composed of iPodApple's MP3 player, which has contributed significantly to the success of podcasts, and the English word Broadcast (broadcasting, transmission). Podcasts don’t have fixed air times. The audience decides itself when and were they want to listen to an episode.

Let your podcasts create themselves


With api.audio by our partner Aflorithmic you can fully automate your podcast creation process - complete with AI-generated voices and sound designs that magically adapt to your content. You don’t even have to speak anymore.