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Welcome to Julep Hosting – the first podcast hosting platform worldwide that was certified with the IAB 2.1 standard.

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Publication on all popular streaming services

Through our platform you’re able to distribute your podcast with only a few clicks super fast to all common streaming services, like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast etc.

In-depth analysis features

With our diverse analysis features you’re able to analyze your podcasts in detail, measure the performance of single episodes or the whole podcast and evaluate it. You got all numbers – so use them, to optimize your podcast performance and make it even more successful. Thanks to our IAB 2.1 certification we can guarantee valid and real numbers. IAB 2.1 Zertifizierung können wir garantieren, dass unsere Zahlen valide und real sind.

A player according to your ideas

Make the player your own. Individualize your podcast player and make it look the way you want it to. Use the practical embed-function to place your player on all websites that you like.

Your very own blog

We provide you with your own blog, that you can use to tell more about yourself and your podcast. Design the blog as you like and give your podcast an appropriate and individual home.

Personal contact

We’re here for you. We support you with the set up of your podcast account and also with the move of your podcast from your former hosting platform. With us you always have a personal contact and not only a chat bot.

Our platform is made for all podcasters

No matter which hosting package you decide is right for you and your needs, one thing is for sure: You’ll always have access to ALL of our features!


Because the Julep hosting platform is developed and designed for all podcasters – from beginners to experts – every podcaster should be happy with the features and also the handling of our platform.

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How do I start my podcast with Julep hosting?

4 steps to your podcast success


Record your podcast and upload it – we’ll automatically optimize the audio quality, put your podcast in a fancy player and give you access to an easy to use CMS system, where you can edit your podcast.

Show it to the world

You can distribute your completed episode right away or later to a scheduled time to all important podcast streaming services and lists. And you’re also able to share your podcast through your social media accounts.


Take a look at the performance of your podcast. Find out who the listeners of your podcast are, which platforms are mostly used to listen to your podcast and get insights on how to improve your podcast.

Earn money

Take advantage of our huge advertiser network. Connect your podcasts with matching advertisers and monetize your content successfully.

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Why you should trust us with your podcast?

Because we know, what we are doing.

Julep is a team of experts that have long time experience in the podcast area. Our top goal is to make you and your podcast more successful. Therefore we’re continuously optimizing our podcast hosting platform. In addition to that the Julep hosting platform is the first podhoster worldwide that got certified with IAB 2.1 standard – not too bad, right?

If you like, you can also register your podcast to our monetization platform. That way we don’t only provide you with a first class podcast hosting platform, but also support you earning money with your podcast.

Open questions? Shout out – we’re happy to help!