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What awaits you on our podcast hosting platform

Publication on all popular streaming services

Through our platform you’re able to distribute your podcast with only a few clicks super fast to all common streaming services, like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc.

In-depth analysis features

Thanks to our various In-depth analysis features you're able to analyze your podcast à detail, measure and evaluate. Wether on episode base or for a specific time frame. You're all set and got the numbers. Our IAB 2.1 cerification guarantees, that our numbers are valid and reliable .

A player according to your ideas

Make the player your own. Individualize your podcast player and make it look the way you want it to. Use the practical embed-function to place your player on all websites that you like.

Your very own blog

We're providing you with your your very own blog that you can use to tell more about you and your podcast. Design the blog as you like it and give your podcast the home that it deserves.

Personal contact

We're here for you! Right from the start - We support you with moving your existing podcast from another hosting platform or the creation of a completely new podcast. Not via chat-bot, but with a real person.

All features in every package

No matter which podcast hosting package you choose. One thing is for sure: You'll always have full access to all features!


The Julep hosting platform is the right hosting platform for all podcasters - from starter to expert - we want all podcast creators to be happy with handling and functions.

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The 4 steps to your podcast success


Record your podcast and upload it – wir we'll optimize the audio quality automatically, put your podcast in a fancy player and give you access to an easy to use CMS system, where you can edit your podcast.

Show it to the world

An episode can be published immediately or at a time of your choice at all major podcast platforms as well as on your social media profiles.


Take a look at the performance of your podcast. Find out who the listeners of your podcast are, which platforms are mostly used to listen to your podcastand get insights on how to improve your podcast..

Earn money

Take advantage of our huge network of advertisers. Connect your podcast with the right advertising partners and monetize it successfully.

How do I start my podcast with Julep hosting?

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We are a team of experts with various years of experience in the podcast market. Our main goal is to make you and your podcast even more successful. Therefore we're constantly optimizing our podcast hosting platform and always focus on the highest standards. Furthermore we are the the first podhoster worldwide that got certified with the IAB 2.1 standard – not too bad, right?

In addition to that we offer you the possibility podcast our first class platform to host your podcast, but also register your podcast directly on our successful monetization platform for free. That way you can also start monetizing your podcast and earn money.

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